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Department Methods of Teaching

The Department of Curricula and Teaching Methods was established in the year 1991 and it was entrusted with the teaching of educational courses related with the way of preparing the teacher in addition to field training of students at schools. At the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 2003/2004 the Department was given a new name "The Department of Teaching Methods"... More..

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Mathematics and its Teaching Methods Program at the Department of Teaching Methods at Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Education seeks to prepare and qualify student teachers to work in relevant institutions and organizations  through their knowledge, skills, and educational and modern technological capabilities, within educational programs appropriate to the needs of Palestinian society in accordance with Arab and Palestinian culture and the principles of Islam.

On the other hand, the program aims to train its cadres to be qualified to lead educational activities in accordance with the factors of scientific advancements and labor market variables.

Under the framework of the overall objectives of the Faculty of Education and the specific objectives of the Mathematics  and its Teaching Methods Program in the Department of Teaching Methods, the Department of Teaching Methods aims to:

1-Prepare skilled cadres to increase university education standards to match labor market requirements.

2-Collaborate with scientific and cultural authorities and institutions to identify and address educational concerns and challenges. 

3-Create a conducive environment for learning and teaching that conforms to overall quality standards in an effort to raise the quality of academic programs.

4-Promote originality in the culture of scientific research  in order to develop the educational process and solve its basic problems.

5-Establish justice and credibility in order to enhance relationships with its own staff members in particular and with other departments of the faculty in general in order to achieve and activate teamwork.

Admission Requirements

You must have obtained a high school certificate in the scientific stream with a rate that is at least as high as the university's acceptable admission rate for each academic year. The student must also possess average visual and motor abilities.

Graduate Attributes

1- Able to adapt to the different roles and tasks assigned to him in social and professional practices

2- Self-motivated and able to set personal goals and priorities.

3-The ability to interact with others, listen to information and express it clearly to others in a variety of ways - verbally, written and visual - using a range of techniques, communicate clearly and work well in a team.

4-Able to apply modern educational and psychological strategies in teaching Mathematics.

5-Possessing the ability to use information and communication technology in the educational learning process.

6-Capable to interact with students, find scientific solutions to their problems, while being dedicated to personal and professional ethics.

Job Opportunities

   - Teaching: teaching in the various school stages as well as in intermediate colleges and universities.

     Banks: in the field of computers, accounting, statistics and consulting

    Research centers: working for research centers that rely on mathematics and its branches.

   - Working  for government departments, institutions and associations in the public and private sectors.

   - Computer programmer: preparing and writing programs in one of the computer languages.