Faculty of Education

Vision, Mission and objective آخر تحديث 5/25/2023 12:38:51 PM

The Faculty of Education, One of Al-Aqsa University's original faculties, is distinguished by a distinct vision, mission, and objectives that are in line with those of the university as a whole:


Perfection in scientific research and educational academic programs to foster the progress of knowledge, its application, and the formation of a knowledge-based society.


 Advancing education and preparing professional educators with a high degree of professional and technological knowledge through prestigious academic programs that improve educational research and community service.



Firstly: At the level of education and students:

1-Prepare and qualify competent graduates in the fields of educational sciences to satisfy the demands of the labor market with exceptional professionalism.

2-Help faculty members develop their scientific, knowledge, and experience acquisition skills to enable them to use information and communication technologies in the teaching process.

3-Work on describing educational programs and approving them in accordance with quality standards.

4- Upgrade the faculty's modern educational and research labs and facilities to better support the educational process and scientific research.

5- Develop and approve educational programs that address the demands of the local and regional labor market.

Secondly: At the level of scientific research:

1-Improve faculty members' understanding of the value of outstanding scientific research.

2-Create a favorable research environment that appeals to eminent scientists of local, regional, and global competencies.

3-Support scientific research and develop research talents among students by engaging them in the research process.

4-Support joint scientific research and exchanging research experiences between the faculty and its counterparts at local, regional and international levels.

Thirdly: At the level of community service:

  1- Activate the faculty's function as an integrated consultant center in educational sciences.
2-  Establish a relation between the faculty and the community to seriously contribute to solving the problems of society through  scientific research in the domains of literature and human sciences.

3-Develop mechanism for promoting applied research and consultations provided by the faculty to serve and develop the community.