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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/28/2023 1:14:12 PM


 Advancing psychological knowledge and its applications in a variety of spheres of life for academics and researchers in the psychological and educational sectors.


Preparing psychologically and educationally qualified cadres to meet current and future labor market demands, and contribute to the advancement of scientific research and community service.


1-Instill in students a positive attitude toward the psychological counseling profession in light of scientific and technological developments.

2- Enhance the student counselor's skills on international standards for the profession of psychological counseling and how to employ them in guiding community members and positively modifying their behavior.

3-Prepare qualified graduates in the psychological and educational fields so they can compete in their areas of specialty.

4- Improve students' ability to think critically and conduct scientific research in order to deal with psychological issues in a variety of academic and life contexts.

5-Develop psychological academic programs that conform to the overall quality standards to compete with other universities.

6-Enhance  the student counselor's abilities to employ new technology in the counseling process.

7- Develop the student's understanding  and  practices in applying Islamic ideology and its foundations in counseling.