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Department head message آخر تحديث 5/28/2023 12:52:51 PM

The Department of Foundations  of Education, one of the departments in the Faculty of Education at Al-Aqsa University, faces numerous challenges as a result of the explosion of knowledge and technological advancement, the most significant of which is the challenge of modernity and quality, in addition to the serious assault because it helps to prepare the teacher who has attained a state of low, weakness, and lack of love for change. All of this requires putting forth greater effort to meet these obstacles and demonstrate one's abilities.

 As a result, the department developed a vision focused on standards of quality, uniqueness, and modernity in the educational component and community service. To do this, it's important to spread and reinforce the department's quality-oriented culture across all of the staff members, as well as to help them build the adaptability and quality-related abilities necessary for change.

 Therefore, the department aims to improve the  educational performance through modernizing and developing courses and teaching methods and keeping pace with technological and informational developments, with a focus on the postgraduate program in the department at the master's level, and directing conferences and research to produce modern educational knowledge and employing it in addressing real issues and problems facing education in particular and the educational system in general.

Dr. Imad A. Al Hadidi

Head of Department of Educational Foundations and Administration