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In 1993 AD, Al-Aqsa University founded its Department of Educational Supervision, which is responsible for overseeing all of the practical training programs for all of the Faculty of Education's specialties as one of the most crucial components of teacher preparation is field training. Through it, the student teacher becomes familiar with the key requirements of the teaching profession, and gains a general understanding of the characteristics of successful education, the most important teaching techniques, the use of some teaching aids, and how to evaluate students by experiencing real situations that he encounters during His dealings with the school students. In addition, he becomes familiar with the educational system, extracurricular activities, and their function in accomplishing learning objectives. During this time, the learner's personality is also developed in order to prepare him to become a leader, teacher, or official.

The practical education program includes two practical courses, which are practical training (1) and practical training (2). They are among the requirements of the Faculty of Education that all students of the Faculty of Education must study.