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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/29/2023 10:46:05 AM


Exceptional educational preparation capable of overcoming obstacles and keeping up with technology and educational advancements. Its outputs assist in producing qualified cadres that satisfy the demands of the educational labor market


Preparing, training and qualifying pre-service teachers and providing them with the necessary information, skills and educational trends to develop their performance and improve the quality of education.


1-Develop the teaching competencies of student teachers and providing them with field work skills.

.Develop guidance educational abilities among students 2-

3-Activate the mechanisms of communication with the authorities concerned with field training.

4-Strengthen the university's relationship with the work sectors at home and abroad, by providing specific training that suits the requirements of work in those sectors.

5-Promoting positive attitudes towards the teaching profession among practical education students.

6-Improve some facets of communication with those involved in the educational process (supervisors, principals, teachers, and employees) in a way that promotes successful collaboration for the progress of the educational process.

7-Improve the abilities of student teachers to use and employ technological advancements to accomplish the objectives of the educational process.

8-Contribute to addressing the community's need for teachers in light of the facts and the community's circumstances.

9-Offer supervisory experience that keeps up with technology developments of the age, enabling ongoing contact between the supervisor and the student teacher  in the educational field.