Faculty of Education

About Us آخر تحديث 5/25/2023 12:33:01 PM

The College of Education was founded in the year 1374 AH, which corresponds to 1955 AD, as an institute for teachers under the administration of the Egyptian government. At that time, the objective was to prepare teachers, qualify them as holders of an intermediate diploma, and keep up with ongoing scientific advancements. In 1421 AH, or 1991 AD, the institute changed its name to the College of Education, also known as the College of Governmental Education. Since that time, the college has grown gradually in terms of its academic programs, educational plans, professors, and students, eventually growing into a magnificent scientific structure. Numerous teachers and researchers with educational scientific competence received bachelor's degrees in a variety of scientific fields, and master's and doctoral degree holders in the joint postgraduate program with Ain Shams University emerged as a bright constellation in the sky of scientific research. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education agreed to transfer the college to Al-Aqsa University at the start of the academic year 2000–2001 due to the growth of this institution and the development it has attained on the academic and administrative levels. It is now one of the university's eight faculties. The faculty now offers 18 bachelor's degree programs in education, three master's degree programs (Master's in Psychological and Educational Counseling, Master's in Educational Administration, Master's in Curricula and Teaching Methods), as well as a PhD program in educational administration that is offered in collaboration with the Islamic University. The faculty hopes  to receive accreditation for the PhD program in Psychological and Educational Counseling soon.