Faculty of Computer and Information Technology

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The Faculty of Computer and Information Technology is  one of Al-Aqsa University's faculties, which was founded at the start of the 2018–2019 academic year in order to meet the demands of the local labor market in light of contemporary technological technologies inputs and to produce high–quality scientific and research outputs that are appropriate for the practice of information technology professions. The faculty offers three undergraduate programs, including

1-Bachelor of Computer Science

2-Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

3- Bachelor of Network and Mobile Technology

Two departments have been established to supervise these programs and keep track of the academic and administrative activity in the faculty, and they are as follows:

1- Department of Computer and Information Sciences: It is in charge of managing the Bachelor of Computer Science and Bachelor of Applied Information Technology programs.


2 Department of Networks and Mobile phones : It is in charge of managing Bachelor of Network and Mobile Technology program

The Faculty includes a number of information technology experts with PhD and master's degrees from international universities. The staff is distinguished by diversity and modernity in their areas of specialty in order to keep pace with the tremendous development in this field. In addition to a number of teaching assistants with bachelor's degrees, the Faculty has (14) assistant professors, (4) masters, and other members.

Additionally, the Faculty has twenty (20) scientific laboratories that are equipped with the most modern technology and computers, distributed between its two branches (Gaza and Khan Yunis). These labs include classic labs, multimedia labs, iMAC, networks, and electronics labs.