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Hematological and Biochemical Studies for Gasoline Toxicity Among Gasoline Workers In Gaza Strip.
Ismail I. Abdel Aziz, Salam Z. Al Agha, Ossama a. shehwan
Al-Aqsa University Journal (Natural Sciences Series) 10(S.E.). pp.41-58.()
Abdel Aziz	Ismail I.		Salam Zakaria Al Aghashehwan	Ossama a.
Generation of Spin 1 System
Moeen Srour, Abdalkarim Sahmoud, Monzer Al-Mokayed, Mahmoud Sbaih, Muneer A. Sumour
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics 8(9). .(2020)
Srour	Moeen		Sahmoud	Abdalkarim		Al-Mokayed	Monzer		Sbaih	Mahmoud		Muneer A. Sumour
Comparison of Ising Model and Potts Model on Non-Local Directed Small-World Networks
Muneer A. Sumour, Moeen Srour, Sulieman Baraka, Mohammed A. Radwan, Rifa Khozondar, Mohammed M. Shabat
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics pp.1031-1038.(2020)
Muneer A. SumourSrour	Moeen		Baraka	Sulieman		Mohammed A. RadwanKhozondar	Rifa		Shabat	Mohammed M.