Alaqsa University


Overview آخر تحديث 7/15/2019 12:14:55 PM

Al-Aqsa University (AQU) in Gaza is an independent Palestinian academic institute, according to the law of civil service and the law (11) of higher education of the year 1998.

Al-Aqsa University was established as a teachers’ academy in 1955. Later, in 1991, the academy became a teachers’ college known as the governmental education college, and in 2001, it attained the status of a university.

The University seeks to prepare a generation of youth, equipped with knowledge values and skills, capable of using modern technology and continuous learning through the capacity-building programs, scientific research, and community service.

Throughout its history, the university has contributed to preparing its students to be active members of society, capable of shouldering the responsibility of upholding their country and religion, as well as strengthening their ties to the community. The university has adopted the Islamic way of teaching their students,   showing them how to live in moderation and fulfill the needs of their current life and that of the afterlife according to the teachings of Islam.

AQU has become an active member of the Union of Arab Universities, the Union of Islamic Universities, UNIMED and the Francophonie.

Since its establishment, the university has played a central role in developing the resources of the local community, especially human resources, through its educational programs in the different disciplines, including Islamic studies, applied sciences, medical sciences, IT, humanities and arts, finance, and business, sports, media, and education.

The Faculties of the university include:

1.     Faculty of Applied Sciences

2.     Faculty of Humanities and Arts

3.     Faculty of Education

4.     Faculty of Media

5.     Faculty of Fine Arts

6.     Faculty of Management and Finance

7.     Faculty of Sports and Physical Education

8.     Faculty of Medical Sciences

9.     Faculty of Computers Information Technology

10.   Faculty of Islamic Studies

11.   Al-Aqsa Community College of Intermediate Studies, which has been recently established and includes more than 4000 students in two independent campuses.

The Deanships of the University:

1.   Deanship of Admission and Registration

2.   Deanship of Student Affairs

3.   Deanship of Planning and Quality Assurance

4.   Deanship of Community Service and Continuous Learning

5.   Deanship of Libraries

6.   Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


The number of students registered at Al-Aqsa University has reached 27000 students distributed between the two campuses in Gaza City and in Khan Younis.

The number of academic staff has reached (396) while the number of administrative staff is (320), both distributed between the two campuses of the university.