Alaqsa University


Vision, Mission, Objective آخر تحديث 7/17/2019 10:04:21 AM

Our Vision:

Al-Aqsa University seeks to be a pioneer among the Palestinian and regional universities in regards to scientific research, academic programs and community service, adopting international standards of quality.

Our mission:

Al-Aqsa University is a higher education institute (HEI) which seeks to cultivate a generation armed with knowledge values, and has the ability of continuous learning and using modern technologies through capacity-building and academic programs, as well as community service.

The University stands by the principles of human rights and our Arab culture in fulfilling its vision; these principles include transparency, fairness, equality, accountability, law-abiding, and participation of stakeholders.

Strategic goals:            

Al-Aqsa University seeks to spread knowledge and serve both the Palestinian and national community on the principles of patriotism and our common Arab and Islamic culture. This goal will be achieved through:

- Developing Al-Aqsa as an Institute through enhancing the support of the educational process and scientific research

- Improving the effectiveness of academic programs by providing a suitable interactive learning environment

- Establishing networks and common relations with different regional and local centers, institutes and agencies in order to form a better understanding required for making decisions about the university and the Palestinian community.

- Participating in the sustainable development of the Palestinian community through training programs, counseling, and research services, and voluntary work in coordination with local and international institutes.

- Create a vocational education which fulfills the needs of the community.