Environment Sustainability

Environment Sustainability

  I'm delighted to welcome you to the website of the Commission on Sustainable University environment at Al-Aqsa University.  In the last years, the global attention has been increased by the concepts of sustainability and the green environment. Sustainability means to use whatever is available from the knowledge and skills for development and exploitation of the local available resources optimally, and reserva More..

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The concept of sustainability has been gaining importance globally due to the growing environmental concerns and rising support from the nations to conserve the planet. Environmental sustainability is defined as responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental quality. The practice of environmental sustainability helps to ensure that the needs of today's population are met without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Al-Aqsa University  believes that the environmental sustainability of society is one of the major challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Therefore  The University  established the Sustainable Environment Committee to raise awareness among the university community about the concepts of the sustainable environment. It is also working on creating a sustainable and green campus that matches the global standards of sustainability in addition, the university  encourages Students as well as volunteers in the field of environment and develop their skills by involving them in various conferences, workshops and events concerned with environmental affairs and its fields.

To ensure achieving the environmental sustainability inside the university, a set of activities has been developed within the University's five-year strategic plan 2019-2023, which includes actions on sustainable energy, water, green building, waste management and sustainable transport. This policy is regarded as a key to the university's relationship with the natural environment.  Its determines the foundations of its preservation and mitigation of the effects of its activities and the creation of an environmentally friendly campus.  It also  reflects the interest of Al-Aqsa University in keeping up with the requirements to remain in an advanced position within the local and regional universities.