Center of Astronomy and Space Sciences Research

Center of Astronomy and Space Sciences Research

                                                      Suleiman M Baraka, PhD   UNESCO Chair in Astronomy,Astrophysics and Space Sciences   Tel: + 970 (8) 2641601/2641602 Ext. 1040 Cellular phone: +970(59)9401 More..

Goals آخر تحديث 11/13/2017 9:23:16 AM


Promote Astronomy outreach activities that target children and public to raise the awareness of the universe.

Carry out observation and stargazing activities to expand people's perspective about Astronomy.

Dissemination of knowledge with local, regional and international institutions in favor of building cultural common ground about the universe we all share.

Establish Space Research centers to carry out research in space weathers in geospace.

Promote Astronomy curriculum to decision makers so that Astronomy teaching will be essential part of Palestinian  curriculum.