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Dean of the International Relations Visited Nova University of Lisbon

Dean of the International Relations Visited Nova University of Lisbon

During the period from July 25 to 31, 2021, the Dean of the International Relations at Al-Aqsa University, Dr. Nabil El Aila, visited Nova University of Lisbon in Portugal to participate in the International Staff Week activities within the framework of Erasmus+ ICM. The aim of the visit was to strengthen the relationship with Nova University of Lisbon and open new channels of cooperation with other possible partners through the activities of International Staff Week at Nova University of Lisbon.

 On the morning of June 28th 2021, Dr. El Aila met with the Vice-Rector for International Relations, Prof. Joao Amaro De Matos at his office. From his side, Dr. El Aila expressed sincere gratitude for the warm reception and he highly appreciated the efforts of Nova University of Lisbon in strengthening the relations with its partners. During the meeting, discussions were held on the fields of academic cooperation and exchange programs between the two Universities. Some issues related to the Erasmus+ ICM students and staff of Al-Aqsa University were discussed, including facilitating visa procedures.

During the visit days, Dr. El Aila gave a general introduction about Al-Aqsa University, its faculties, and its programs. As Al-Aqsa university pays great attention to international projects and exchanges and encourages students to expand their overseas horizons, Dr. El Aila introduced the development, subjects, disciplines, and international cooperation projects in recent years as Al-Aqsa University maintained cooperation and exchanges with many excellent European universities especially in the framework of Erasmus+ program.

Later, Dr. El Aila arranged a visit to the Portuguese Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and met with Prof. Filomena Martins Pereira, the Director of the Institute, and her deputy Prof. Miguel Viveiros. It is worth mentioning that the institute was founded in 1902 and grants masters and doctorate degrees in many disciplines. Dr. El Aila with the combination of Prof. Filomena Martins Pereira made a tour inside the institute and explored its facilities including the very advanced laboratories in various medical sciences. In order to enhance ways of cooperation and open new horizons with the institute, areas of cooperation between the university and the institute were discussed. The director of the institute and her deputy expressed their interest in strengthening future cooperation with Al-Aqsa University in various fields. They expressed their agreement to receive academics and students from the Faculty of Medical Sciences within the academic exchange program.

From his side, Dr. El Aila hoped to take this opportunity to exchange experiences, deepen the understanding of both sides, promote substantive cooperation and achieve mutual benefit. 

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