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Biology ,One of the natural sciences,  is concerned with the study of living things including their structure, nourishment, reproduction, nature, features, and the rules that control how they live, grow, and interact with their environment.

Although biology is one of the more recent sciences, it has a rich history of research that includes some of the foundational principles and concepts of this field.

Molecular biology, embryology, physiology, botany, zoology, ecology, and other divisions are only a few examples of the many subfields that make up the broad field of biology. Numerous other fields share tight ties with it.

One of the most popular scientific fields among students today is this major. Biology program was established in the Department of Biology to give students the sciences and knowledge necessary to graduate with the skills and ability to work in a variety of professions and jobs that are related to their area of specialization, such as Ministry of Education, Health and Environment, Water Authority, and others.

Admission Requirements

You must have obtained a high school certificate in the scientific stream with a rate that is at least as high as the university's acceptable admission rate for each academic year. The student must also possess average visual and motor skills that allow him to operate the lab's tools and undertake relevant practical experiments.

Graduate Attributes

1- Able to adapt to the different roles and tasks assigned to him in social and professional practices

2- Self-motivated and able to set personal goals and priorities.

3-The ability to interact with others, listen to information and express it clearly to others in a variety of ways - verbally, written and visual - using a range of techniques, communicate clearly and work well in a team.

4- The capacity to collect, examine, assess, and interpret biological data (in scientific reviews, primary sources, and media articles))

5-An understanding of biology research procedures that enables the student to create solutions to issues and evaluate the suitability of different problem-solving tactics and techniques.

6-Ability to collect, organize, analyze, interpret and present quantitative and qualitative biological data.

7-The capacity to securely and dependably perform basic biological laboratory activities and analyze quantitative data.


Job Opportunities

Biology is one of the specialties that is appreciated by people in society. A graduate with a bachelor's or postgraduate degree in biology can work in a variety of professions and fields, some of which are listed below:

Research field:

Working as a biological researcher in scientific research facilities and labs, as this encompasses research in life sciences, including physiology, histology, and other fields. In addition to  investigating living things as well as documenting that study using research that advances knowledge for many people throughout the globe. Field research to collect samples of water or soil and analyze them in the laboratory as well.

 Health care field

Such as participating in widespread health campaigns to help develop methods of prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The field of environmental conservation

By helping to address environmental issues and safeguarding and preserving natural resources, as well as in the environmental consulting sector.

Education Field

Graduates with a biology major are qualified to work in the following fields:

If he gets a degree, he can work as a biology teacher in both public and private schools, interacting with students and creating lesson plans and tests. If one has higher academic qualifications, they can work as a lecturer in a university.

Working in a museum or lab to impart knowledge to various visitors.


The development of a variety of sectors, including agriculture, food sciences, and the commercial sector, depends on the application of scientific concepts and technology in the field of biotechnology. These are some of the areas of work in this field: drug development and contemporary medical technologies and genetic engineering fields.

Field of forensic science

  If you are knowledgeable and experienced in forensic procedures, one of the options available in the biological department for employment is forensic science. In this position, you will work as a DNA analyzer by collecting   biological samples from skin cells, blood, or saliva and analyze them using specific laboratory equipment.

Business, industry and economics

This field allows biology graduates to work in the biological economics sector, which depends on examining the economic impact of biological problems on society, such as problems of increasing pollution and deforestation.

The field of scientific publishing and communications

Biology graduates can work in the field of scientific publishing and communications through the following: Biology contributes to the field of media by enlightening society's members about biological issues. It is possible to work as a writer in the scientific field for a magazine, newspaper, television program, and others.