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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 6/4/2023 1:12:56 PM

The Department of Mathematics of The Faculty of Applied Sciences at Al-Aqsa University is one of the oldest departments there, and it is distinguished by having a distinct vision, mission, and objectives that are in line with those of the Faculty as a whole.


Perfection in the  field of mathematics and its applications that supports local sustainability.


Qualifying graduates with scientific and logical thinking and integrated skills in mathematics and its applications through the latest educational programs. Thereby, promoting understanding of societal issues and the local environment, with a focus on fostering an atmosphere that encourages innovation and scientific inquiry in the field of mathematics, and to place a strong emphasis on collaboration with local institutions involved in the study of mathematics.


1-Design study plans that are compatible  with the requirements of preparing  graduates with cognitive skills to serve the community.

2- Enhance and develop the educational process, and implement teaching plans that address community requirements while adhering to accreditation and quality standards.

3- Adopt interaction, integration, and specialization in developing  competent and qualified expertise in the study of mathematics.

4- Prepare mathematicians who are qualified to work in research, education, and sectors involving practical applications of science.

5- Enhance students' scientific skills and prepare them to successfully contribute to the resolution of scientific issues affecting development plans.

6- Encourage and assist students to study, persevere, conduct research, produce, collaborate with others, and engage in positive social interaction.