Faculty of Applied Sciences

Research Groups آخر تحديث 6/21/2023 8:43:34 AM

 Based on the increasing interest in scientific research in all human sciences to improve collaborative research activity among focus research groups and in accordance with the university's vision and strategic plan, which highlights the value of scientific research as one of its six objectives and main areas of work, as well as its role in assisting the university's classification at the regional and international levels, the of Faculty of Applied Sciences at Al Al-Aqsa University works to encourage researchers in the Faculty to form specialized research groups.

In this area, the deanship has formed a number of research groups specialized in the fields of applied and theoretical sciences. They are classified according to several groups.

List of Research Groups at least each department has a research group

1-A research group for theoretical physics

2-A research group on statistical physics

3-A research group for analytical chemistry

4-A research group for life sciences

5-A research group for theoretical mathematics