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Generation of Spin 1 System
Moeen Srour, Abdalkarim Sahmoud, Monzer Al-Mokayed, Mahmoud Sbaih, Muneer A. Sumour
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics 8(9). .(2020)
Srour	Moeen		Sahmoud	Abdalkarim		Al-Mokayed	Monzer		Sbaih	Mahmoud		Muneer A. Sumour
Comparison of Ising Model and Potts Model on Non-Local Directed Small-World Networks
Muneer A. Sumour, Moeen Srour, Sulieman Baraka, Mohammed A. Radwan, Rifa Khozondar, Mohammed M. Shabat
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics pp.1031-1038.(2020)
Muneer A. SumourSrour	Moeen		Baraka	Sulieman		Mohammed A. RadwanKhozondar	Rifa		Shabat	Mohammed M.
Simulate the Demographic Changes in Gaza Strip After the Last Three Wars by Using Statistical Physics
Muneer A. Sumour, Shabat Mohamad
IUG Journal of Natural Studies Peer-reviewed Journal of Islamic University-Gaza 28(1). pp.46-51.(2020)
Muneer A. SumourMohamad	Shabat
Critical behavior of the Ising model on non-local directed Small-World networks
Muneer A. Sumour, F. W. Lima
IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP) 11(5). pp.1-7.(2019)
Muneer A. SumourLima	F. W.