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Physics Sciences Program was established in the Department of Physics to give students the sciences and knowledge necessary to become qualified teachers who can effectively teach this specialty in educational institutions. Graduates of this department also gain the abilities, experience, and other skills necessary to work in other related fields and finish postgraduate studies, whether in specialization or education.

Admission Requirements

You must have obtained a high school certificate in the scientific stream with a rate that is at least as high as the university's acceptable admission rate for each academic year in order to enroll in the physics major. The student must also possess average visual and motor skills in order to pursue this major.

Graduate Attributes

1- Able to adapt to the different roles and tasks assigned to him in social and professional practices

2- Self-motivated and able to set personal goals and priorities.

3-The ability to interact with others, listen to information and express it clearly to others in a variety of ways - verbally, written and visual - using a range of techniques, communicate clearly and work well in a team.

4-Able to teach physics using contemporary educational and psychological techniques.

5-Possessing the ability to use information and communication technology in the educational learning process

6- Capable to interact with students, find scientific solutions to their problems, while being dedicated to personal and professional ethics.

Job Opportunities

One of the majors that is favored by people in society is physics, and those who have earned a bachelor's or master's degree in physics can work in a variety of professions and settings. One such position is as a physics teacher in both public and private schools, where they interact with students and create lesson plans and assessments. If you have higher academic qualifications, you might possibly become a lecturer at a university.