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SPOR1274 Physiology (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course examines the functions of different organs of the human body in order to clarify the physical and chemical factors responsible for the formation and development of human beings. It also examines how this function performs and the factors affecting it and how this function integrates with the functions of body organs such as the bone, nervous, periodic, respiratory, muscular, endocrine and metabolic processes and recognize the functions of the organs of the body.
SPOR1263 Weight lifting - Boys (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR1238 Athletism 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to introduce students to the history of athletics and the types of athletics competitions, technical stages and educational steps for the skill of the short distance enemy, long jump, triple jump, jam payment, sequences and sports walks, the drawing and planning of the track and field of athletics and the physical qualities of enemy players and factors influencing the competitions of the enemy and the types of emirates
SPOR1235 Gymnastics 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to learn about what artistic gymnastics is - a historical overview of artistic gymnastics and its development - the definition of artistic gymnastics and the difference between artistic gymnastics for men and women - the educational values of artistic gymnastics - the types of artistic gymnastics - the security and safety of the art gymnastics lesson - the equipment and tools used in technical gymnymnastics - the earth movements and the staff
SPOR1233 Physical Exercises 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course touches on the history of physical exercise - general introduction in exercise and fitness - original conditions - derivative conditions - special conditions - writing exercises - call for exercises - children's exercises - free exercises
SPOR1231 Physical Fitness 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to learn about the history of fitness in the Middle Ages, Old and Modern - Rejuvenated - General - Private - East and West scientists' opinions in determining fitness ingredients - fitness elements (strength - muscular skin - respiratory periodic skin - speed - flexibility - agility - upgrading of fitness elements
SPOR1142 Swimming 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Swimming Course (2) includes swimming training and includes (Swimming Training Principles - Swimming Training Methods - Mixed Training Methods - Scientific Basics in Swimming - Physiological Foundations for Swimming Training - Mechanical Principles in Swimming - Teaching swim crawl on the back. The descriptive analysis includes swim crawl on the back - teaching to start swim crawl on the back - Breaststroke Education - Teaching to Start Breaststroke Swimming - Excerpts from International Swimming Law
SPOR1139 Athletism 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
This course contains intermediate and long distance running skills, barrier and contraindication enemies, high jump, disc throwing, spear, hammer and international athletics law, and study the organization and management of field and track competitions
SPOR1136 Gymnastics 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Artistic gymnastics is one of the sports that occupies an advanced place for various colors of sporting activity because it is a loving sport that draws the attention of the spectator and works to attract him to practice it. The Gymnastics 2 course contains the following topics: Review all theoretical topics studied in Gymnastics Course 1, Balance Beam Device, Ladies Parallel Device, Fitness Elements for Balance Beam and Parallel Gymnastics, Senses, Dividing Artistic Gymnastics Movements into Similar Groups, Practical Application of Gymnastics 2 Technical Skills.
SPOR1132 Physical Fitness 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to improve fitness elements and what has already been gained in fitness (1) - Relationship of fitness to other areas - physical preparation - basic steps to consider in physical preparation programs - methods of training in sports field - fitness tests and components - importance of tests and measures in sports education - how to employ fitness elements in training programs.
SPOR1118 Small games (1ساعة معتمدة)
The course provides an illustration of the principles of small games in terms of their meaning, characteristics and types, multiple models of small games and how to utilize them in multiple fields. Innovation in small saliva --Gameplay features -Gameplay theories their relevance - purposes - what they are and folk games - choose the name of the small game small saliva sections - formations that help to better bring out small games -preliminary games their importance, areas of use and principles of choice. In the various fields and the share of sport education and teaching - motor stories and acting exercises - small as the aim of this course is to learn about the general concepts of play and educational importance. Understand the values achieved by small saliva and popularity - Learn about different play theories Understand the foundations and concepts of choosing small saliva by age and sex. Recognize small saliva types Understand the foundations and principles of using small saliva in sports education lesson
SPOR1262 Karate (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
ISLM1223 Hadith (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course explains the importance and the significance of Islamic Sonah, and introduces the science of Hadith and its genesis and related terms. It also indicates Al-Matn and its chain of narrators, focusing on issues such as: dividing the hadith into frequent, famous, and atheistic, and the correct, good and weak. through this course, students can investigates a collection of Hadiths and analyize them to elicit judgments and benefits from them.
ISLAM1247 Prophet's Biography (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
ISLM1204 Islamic creed (2ساعة معتمدة)
The definition of the Islamic faith, its characteristics, details the six pillars of faith: faith in God Almighty, faith in angels, faith in heavenly books, faith in prophets and messengers, faith in the other day and its details, faith in judiciary and fate. At the end of the course, the student is able to: * know the knowledge of the faith and its importance. * Distinction between types of uniformity. * Access to the concepts of faith in justice and fate. * Post-death identification from another day and other matters.
HIST1205 Jerusalem & palestinian cause (2ساعة معتمدة)
It deals with the history of the Arab city of Jerusalem during the period of ancient history, as well as the Islamic period, starting from its conquest during the succession of Sayyidina Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, through the civilizational developments and internal conditions witnessed during the Umayyad and Abbasid period. And the conflict and confrontation (Islamic - Frankish) witnessed during the Ayyubid state, and the results of the confrontation. The course also deals with the history of the city of Jerusalem, the period of the British Mandate and the Zionist occupation, and what it exposed and exposed to Judaization policies and procedures, as well as the roots of the problem and the Palestinian issue, in terms of the first beginnings of the Arab-Zionist conflict, and the Zionist attempts to settle and control its land, and the role of Britain in that, The course also deals with the history of the Palestinian national movement during the period of the British Mandate, after the establishment of the Zionist entity; the emergence of the problem of Palestinian refugees; and the historical development of the formation of the Palestinian entity.
ARAB1206 Arabic 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
- Introduce to students the most characteristics of Arabic and advantages. - Insert the membership of Arabic through learning about the most important challenges. - Rise student's presentation of Arabic expression and methods in writing. - Improve student's skills in tasting, understanding and analyzing Arabic poetry in the past and modern. - Learn to students about the story's art, essay, elements and characteristics. - Enrich student's abilities to control their linguistic uses through the applied recruitment of syntactical rules. - Enrich students' abilities to control the writing through the applied recruitment of spelling rules and punctuation.
ISLM1101 Holy Quran 1 (1ساعة معتمدة)
SPOR1273 Anatomy (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course of anatomy covers the basic aspects of the human body, where the courses are divided into five units covering different subjects including the use of anatomical terminology, body sections, levels and axes dividing the human body, axial peripheral structure, articular system, muscle system, and nervous system. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to use appropriate anatomical terms, identify human skeletal bones and some of their features, the main joints and muscles associated with these bones, as well as a simplified anatomy of the components of the nervous system. as well as identifying key features in the anatomy of the human body's surface
SPOR1211 Introduction to The Sport Education (2ساعة معتمدة)
The study of this course includes an introduction to the origins of physical education and its development in various forms through ancient, medieval and modern times. In addition, the recognition of the impact of physical education in various cultural aspects of societies in economic, political, educational and religious terms and their effect on physical education. Focus on the ancient and modern Olympic games in terms of its origin, traditions and activities.
SPOR1224 Modern Innovative design - Girls (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course touches on the art of innovative design of motor expression performances - ingenuity in innovative design and movement elements - the final ceremony onstage - a kinetic sentence designed by female students
SPOR1241 Swimming 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
Contains the historical development of swimming sports .- contains water sports. What are the areas of swimming. Tutorial in swimming. Teaching types of buoys (horizontal buoys - fixed buoys - floats - floats crawl on the back) - Excerpts from international swimming law.
SPOR2276 Sports injuries (2ساعة معتمدة)
Extensive study of the principles of sports injuries, first aid includes: the role of the teacher or coach, the player's role in the prevention of sports injuries, the identification of the types of injuries, how to deal with them in terms of diagnosis, the use of devices and tools that ensure the acceleration of first aid for various injuries.
SPOR2253 Basketball 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to provide students with knowledge and information about what is and the development of the basketball game - basic skills, holding the ball, dialogue and types of passing - types of aiming certain rules and standards of the basketball court
SPOR2240 Sports With Disabilities (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR2159 Tennis Table (1ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to provide students with knowledge and information on what is and the development of table ball - types of basic offensive skills, defence, ways and types of racquet catches and laws related to ping-ball sport
SPOR2154 Basketball 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
The historical development of different ways of playing in basketball, the advantages of defensive methods and attack and their deficiencies in basketball, training of basic offensive and defensive skills, applied training and refereeing in basketball, how to make a basketball team for young and old.
SPOR2150 Tennis Floor (1ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to teach basic tennis skills. Includes a focus on basic strikes; Strategy; Rules; Scoring. Ethics. Practice drills play singles and doubles. More experienced students will receive instructions on the use of advanced strikes; Placement inside the stadium, footwork. and advanced strategies.
SPOR2139 Sports Shows (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR2134 Physical Exercises 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
The course touches on the original, derivative and special conditions - free marital exercises (trunk group - two men group - arms group) - writing marital exercises (exercises with instruments "medical ball - sticks - dumbbells exercises" - exercises with devices "Swedish seat - wall mind - training on motor sentences using tools and devices
SPOR2119 Recreation (1ساعة معتمدة)
This course is considered an entry point for the definition of recreation and vacation activities, which makes it necessary as an important material for a sports education graduate where he can use leisure time in recreational activities. This course includes the theoretical study of the concept of leisure and recreation, from a scientific perspective. The importance at the level of the individual, the community and society, as well as educational methods to invest in leisure through recreational activities in many fields, and scientific means to assess and measure leisure time. It also includes recreation and leisure in the family and educational systems, in the media, as well as modern variables in recreation such as tourism, computer uses and related devices
SPOR2278 Sports Psychology (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to familiarize students with the concept and importance of sports psychology and related and specific subjects such as personality, emotions, motivation, anxiety, trends and tendencies towards sports activity
SPOR2212 Principles of Sport Training (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to recognize the concept of motor learning - maturity exercise - performance differences between learning and maturity - the effect of maturity and learning at the sporting level - the relationship between excitement and response - medium variables - the difference in volatility and plateau - factors affecting performance - learning theories - methods of learning motor skill - stages of motor learning - motor analysis - methods of evaluating motor skills
SPOR2207 Teaching Strategies Physical Education (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to learn about the strategies of creativity education and the technology of preparing the teacher and familiarizing students with the characteristics and characteristics of the effective teacher, the problems of teaching physical education and creative learning strategies and the basis of their choice
SPOR3265 Jodo (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR3222 Fencing (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR2264 Wrestling / Boys (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to learn about the history and types of wrestling - the characteristics of wrestling - the educational role of the wrestling trainer - the factors of security and safety - the lesson of wrestling - ways of losing weight in wrestling 7. Physical Preparation in Wrestling - Skilled and Planning Preparation - Standby and Movement Stop - Couberry and Disposal -Gotchat and Disposal -Grappling.. Conflict is high - Law
SPOR2261 Boxing - boys (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to provide students with the rules of the boxing game and a historical overview of its development, player movements and basic skills of the game and footwork, diet and organization of boxing coins as well as knowledge of the game law.
SPOR2251 Football-Girls (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to provide students with a historical overview of the history of football - the theoretical foundations for the performance of basic skills - the steps of basic skills education - the explanation of the materials of the game law - the training methods for the development of basic skills in football - the historical development of different ways of football - the advantages and disadvantages of each method - the composition of the team and the law
SPOR2252 Football 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to provide students with a historical profile, theoretical basis for performing basic skills, basic skills teaching steps, explaining the articles of the game law, methods of training to develop basic skills in football, historical development of different ways in football, the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
SPOR2152 Football 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Reviewing basic skills, providing the player with more sophisticated levels of performance in terms of tactics and linking preparation to physical lines, play plans, technical skills for each play center, foundations of offensive and defensive plans, how to form a football team, applied refereeing exercises, applied training in football.
SPOR2122 Ballet (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR2121 Motor Performance (2) Folklore (1ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to identify both: - Introduction to Palestinian heritage and joys (Palestinian wedding and marriage stages), popular songs and dances, Palestinian folk fashion, folk eaters, religious holidays and popular events in Palestine, popular seasons in Palestine, agricultural seasons in Palestine, popular tales, popular ideals).
ENGL1207 English 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
This is a preliminary course that mainly focuses on general English language social skills. It introduces the students to the different language skills in an integral manner. The course is based on a strong lexical component where the students are expected to read for comprehension. This course enables them to acquire new vocabulary, develop grammar knowledge and develop the language skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing. An integrated approach is applied throughout this course for students to acquire both fluency and accuracy by using basic reading techniques such as scanning, skimming, taking notes while listening; writing formal and informal letters, filling in forms, and describing people and places.
COMP1208 Computer skills (2ساعة معتمدة)
A basic course for all university students aimed at give the student an introduction to computer science and information technology. The theoretical side of the course includes the following topics: Introduction to today's technologies in the world of technology through which students are introduced to computers and their software and physical components, classification of computers, the difference between data and information. Computers and Mobile Devices: The student learns about peripheral devices, tablets, servers, super devices, smartphones, and cloud computing. Components of computing: Students learn about the motherboard, processors, memory, buses. Inputs and Outputs: The student learns the concept of inputs and outputs, various input units (keyboards, pointing devices, touch screens, motion input devices, audio input devices, scanners), and output units (display screens, printers, speakers, headphones and ear, interactive whiteboards). Wired and wireless networks: The student learns about digital communications and explains what computer networks are and how to deal with them, classifications of networks and the use of mobile communications. The practical side of the course includes the use of the Windows operating system and Microsoft package applications MS-Word: Through it, the student can create various reports, write papers, research papers, and various documents MS-PowerPoint: Through it, the student can make presentations to present a lecture or present an idea for a specific project MS-Excel: Through it the student can create multiple tables, view charts, graphs and reports, and perform mathematical calculations.
LIBR1209 Study Skills & Research (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims at providing students with a variety of teaching skills. This will help them to use traditional and electronic libraries, as well as the skill of using various sources of information, reading them correctly to reach the right information in a timely manner, The skill of taking notes, the skill of adapting to the requirements of university life, and the skill of study, in addition to the capabilities that help him to how to quote information from sources and documented by scientific methods followed by Kata Reports and scientific research
HEBR1200 Hebrew Language (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to enable students to know the foundations of the Hebrew language, its relationship to the Arabic language, the family of Semitic languages, and their common linguistic characteristics, by studying a glimpse into the history of the Semitic languages and the origins of the Hebrew language, and some basic rules for them, such as the rules of the alphabet, movements, writing, verb, name, source , Reference names, number 1-10, and hour, with some Hebrew texts read and analyzed.
BUSA1231 leadership & administration (2ساعة معتمدة)
LAW1232 Law culture & human rights (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims at introducing students to legal culture and its importance, human rights and sources, comparing human rights in Islam and international declarations, their definition of rights and duties in the Palestinian Basic Law, the electoral law in Palestine, the exercise of political rights in Palestinian society, Between the Palestinian Personal Status Law and the CEDAW Agreement, and the recognition of international humanitarian law.
SOCI1234 Family life (2ساعة معتمدة)
The purpose of this course is to introduce students to marriage, its importance, its nature, its origin, its forms, the rules of residence and residence, the reasons for marriage, the method of marriage selection, factors and criteria affecting marital choice, marriage in the heavenly religions, interaction and marital compatibility. Marital compatibility, the impact of marital compatibility on children, the causes of marital differences and crises, the theories that explain marital compatibility, and the most important principles that the couple must act through in order to create a happy and happy marital life, and their definition of the family and its importance and characteristics, The role of family in the modern era, the most important theoretical approaches in the study of the family, the aspects of Islam's interest in the family, the elements of the Muslim family, and their definition of social pressures on the family and the extent of compatibility and the family's dealings with the pressures and crises and the nature of family disintegration, , The main principles for dealing with family disintegration, the nature of divorce in general and the concept of divorce in Islam and the conditions of its occurrence, types and causes, effects and problems resulting from it, and the problems of the working mother and the impact of the work of the mother on the family and children, and what the socialization and family upbringing, Characteristics, goals, conditions, forms, stages, institutions, and the bases upon which parents must act in their interactions with children, the determinants of formation, their patterns, methods, the most important theories of socialization, the process of formation under globalization and technological change, The process of socialization in the shadow of globalization
MEDI1200 Public Relations and Communications ( except Mass media studants ) (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to introduce the student to the development of public relations, its concept, objectives and functions, and the work of the man of public relations, planning, organization, evaluation and communication in public relations departments, types, means and objectives.
SPOR3275 Sports Physiology (2ساعة معتمدة)
Study the human body and focus on the composition and functional work of the muscle, periodic and neurological system, its responses to sports training, and the impact of this study on the outstanding roles in the sports field, especially with regard to preparation and training.
PHYS1225 Sciences in our life (2ساعة معتمدة)
(mechanics - properties of matter - heat - sound - light - electricity - modern physics - medical physics...) and presents them in a simple presentation with a focus on daily life observations and some natural phenomena. The course also exposes some of the familiar ideas, inventions and devices that It influenced people's lives and interpreted them from a physical perspective without being exposed to the complexities of laws and derivations known in the study of physics
SPOR3255 Handball 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to familiarize students with the history and educational value of handball, basic skills "holding the ball, types of receiving the ball, passing, aiming, planning, deception and goalkeeping", educational steps of previous skills and their application in accordance with the articles of the handball law and the development of these skills by improving the necessary physical qualities.
SPOR3241 Foundations and Theories of Kinesiology (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR3238 Practical Training 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course focuses on the concept of practical education and its importance, and to identify the role of all those concerned with practical education: student, teacher, educational supervisor, teacher cooperating teacher school, and to identify the problems that may be faced by teachers teachers during the field training, student teachers to see the teaching situations and illustrated multiple models To illustrate and evaluate lessons, train students on basic teaching skills: teaching planning, ask questions Identify appropriate activities and actions to achieve goals, reinforcement, use techniques, classroom interaction, classroom management, assessment, and teacher training The actual peer through their representation of teaching positions, as well as their training on self-evaluation, peer evaluation.
SPOR3158 Handball 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Training methods to develop basic skills in handball, handball player's fitness, handball refereeing, preparation and composition of a junior team in handball, practical applications on training and arbitration through field situations.
SPOR3156 Volleyball 2 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Applications to develop basic skills in volleyball, fitness of volleyball player, defense plans and attack in volleyball, skill tests of volleyball player, practical applications on training and refereeing in volleyball.
SPOR3151 Sports Facilities (1ساعة معتمدة)
The student's knowledge of the concept and importance of the potential in the field of sports and the advantages of studying the potential and the role of the potential in the development of Palestinian sports institutions and to learn about the kinds of potential and invest it from material, human, financing, natural and informational, how to manage the time of this potential in the field of sports and help students to achieve the objectives of sports activity with the possibilities they have in the administrative, training or teaching process.
SPOR3144 Bodyshape and Therapeutic Exercises (1ساعة معتمدة)
By studying the course of strength and therapeutic exercises, the student/student will learn about the manifestations of good strength and study the most important devices that help to moderate the strength and study and remedy the abnormalities through modern methods and methods used in the training process
SPOR3247 Statistics in Sports Field (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to define statistical science and its types - samples in mathematical statistics - the importance and applications of statistics in sports - the graphic representation of data. -The number, length and status of categories-average computational - deviation standard-intermediate moderation -.Variation and difference coefficient -. Binding coefficient of Person - binding coefficient of Spermann -. Percentage test.
SPOR3216 The Management and Administration in Sport Education (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course aims to learn students about the concept of sports administration, decision-making, planning and organizing elements, principles, guidance, leadership, types, oversight, management and organization of tournaments, festivals and administrative statistical methods
SPOR3206 The Measurement and Evaluation in Sport Education (2ساعة معتمدة)
Mathematical Testing and Measurement Concepts - Methods of anthropometric measurement - Methods of measuring fitness elements - Strength - Speed - Endurance - Agility, flexibility, compatibility and equilibrium - Fitness battery -Kinetic fitness - Skill tests for different sports games - Methods of building mathematical tests and calculating scientific transactions
SPOR3257 Volleyball 1 (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to provide students with knowledge and information on what is and evolution of the volleyball game and its characteristics, basic skills "dispatch, reception, setup, crushing, fending wall, pitch defense," defining skill and how to perform and what to consider when performing, educational steps to teach skill and common errors, legal errors.
TECH1222 General Safety (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course aims to provide students with knowledge and special trends of professional security and safety provisions in general, and in school in particular, which makes students take preventive action in work or in the place of their presence to avoid the risk of different exposure, how to get first aid for themselves and others in case of injury .This course consists of the following topics: the definition and development of professional safety , recognizing some definitions of professional safety, accidents and the main rules to avoid it , and reducing it ,the right rules of safety treatment with handicraft tools, safety at educational facilities, first aid and ways to give aid for some injuries, reasons of fires and how putting it out , emergencies in wars of various kinds, security and home safety.
CHEM1200 Environmental Studies (2ساعة معتمدة)
This course is to study the principles of ecology through the definition of the environment and the concept and its relationship to other sciences, the evolution of the relationship between man and the environment, the reasons for worsening environmental problems and means of preserving the environment and maintenance of components of the ecosystem and the types of ecosystems, chains and food webs and pyramids environmental, biogeochemical cycles, air and Milothathand the effects of air pollution, acidic rains and ozone hole and global warming, water and soil pollution and desertification, pollution of the environment with pesticides and toxins, food contamination and the use of drugs in livestock production and some food additives, solid waste, including electronic and treatment methods, the environmental situation in Palestine
BIOL1200 Public Health (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course deals with selected topics of public health, which are certainly beneficial to the public life in addition to being a methodological material. The course gives the student the opportunity to learn about the health and how to achieve it and the disease and how to prevent it, to identify the factors that help or prevent the occurrence of the disease. The course also discusses the environment and its relation to the possibility of causing diseases to humans, proper nutrition and its relation to the disease, as well as some diseases of malnutrition, the course discusses the mother and child care and focuses on Z global standards for the care of the mother and child and linked to the Palestinian reality .
TECH1234 Technology & society (2ساعة معتمدة)
ISLM1102 Quran II (1ساعة معتمدة)
SPORT3261 (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT3262 (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT3319 Specialized Sports Training (1) wrestling (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT3318 Specialized Sports Training (1) swimming (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT3317 Specialized Sports Training (1) Gymnastics (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT3316 Sports training specialized (1) athletics (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR3125 Rhythemic Movement (3) (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR3277 Biomechanics (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR4145 Scientific Research in Physical Sport (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4272 (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR4246 Health in Sports Field (2ساعة معتمدة)
Health, its concepts and levels, the concept and components of public health, the concept and objectives of health education, the relationship of health education to physical education, infection and immunity, health aspects associated with sports activity, and the foundations of health. Education, areas of health education and its methods (personal health, family health, school health), school health care, some common diseases in modern times and the role of sport in treatment and reducing the incidence of these diseases. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease Popular descent, allergies, cerebral and cardiac clots, some psychiatric illnesses introversion, depression and anxiety
SPORT4274 Fundamental rules to select and train youth (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4286 Practical Training (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4285 Graduation project in sports training (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4183 Planning of training programs (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4184 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4271 (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4320 Specialized Sports Training (2) volleyball (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4319 Specialized Sports Training (2) handball (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4318 Specialized Sports Training (2) basketball (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4317 Specialized Sports Training (2) football (3ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
GEOG1211 Geography of palestine & arab world (2ساعة معتمدة)
study the geography of palestine and arab world , and physical environment including earth planet, landforms, climate, natural vegetation and soils-
ISLM1215 Modern Jurisprudence issues (2ساعة معتمدة)
Addresses contemporary problems and issues of jurisprudence that fall within the framework of what is known as the jurisprudence of the home, and the attitude of contemporary jurisprudence thereof, so that the student can develop a contemporary view of the daily life problems and the opinion of Islam therein, such as: insurance, cloning, brain death, organ transfer, milk banks, IVF and other new issues. It aims to: familiarize itself with the provisions of developments in various sections of jurisprudence
ISLM1214 Islamic thought (2ساعة معتمدة)
SPORT4187 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4173 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR4217 Bicycles (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPOR4266 Badminton (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
HIST1212 History of palestine (2ساعة معتمدة)
The course covered topics and events from the history of Palestine in the periods of history (ancient, mediator, modern and contemporary), for example: a summary of the conditions of Palestine during ancient times, Palestine during periods of Islamic history, the conditions of Palestine at the end of the Ottoman period, as well as the colonial plans that targeted Palestine.
SPORT4275 (2ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists
SPORT4181 (1ساعة معتمدة)
Not exists