Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Vision, Mission, Objectives آخر تحديث 5/21/2023 10:35:50 AM

Sports training department

A distinguished scientific sports beacon locally and regionally, in the fields of “sports training, scientific research, and community service.”

the message:
Preparing distinguished competencies in the fields of education, training, arbitration, evaluation, and scientific research in various sports activities, using modern scientific and technological methods, and benefiting from research results to raise the scientific and training level of sports institutions, and activating the positive role in serving the university and the Palestinian community.

 Preparing an academically and practically qualified graduate to lead the training process, capable of facing the challenges of the labor market and raising the level of athletic achievement.
 Providing the graduate with a general base of kinetic skills in various sports in general and specialized sports in particular for the ease of performing kinetic models.
 Enhancing the technical competencies of graduates to work in the fields of sports education and training.
 Providing the Palestinian labor market with qualified competencies in the fields of education and sports training.
Rehabilitate the Palestinian sports workers scientifically and professionally in training, arbitration and management.
 The ability to optimally deal with the innovations of modern sports tools and devices to achieve the best sports training outcomes.
 Providing an appropriate work environment between the pillars of the training process, including "player, administrator, coach, doctor and psychologist" and the training content.
Improving the Palestinian society's view of physical education to take its role with the rest of the disciplines in the advancement and progress of the nation.
 To highlight the Palestinian national identity in the sports field.