Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Vision, Mission, Objectives آخر تحديث 5/21/2023 12:19:26 PM

Department of Physical Education

Leadership and excellence in the field of physical education, and its applied branches, using modern curricula.

the message:

Preparing distinguished graduates in the field of physical education, developing scientific research and developing it to serve the educational process, and benefiting from the available resources to contribute to the development of the individual and society.


Preparing specialized national cadres, scientifically and educationally qualified in the field of physical education.
Developing programs and curricula, in line with the latest developments and scientific knowledge.
Conducting scientific research and field studies in the sports field.
Raising the professional level of those working in the field of physical education, and introducing them to contemporary scientific and educational trends.
Providing scientific and technical advice to sports institutions, bodies, rehabilitation and treatment centers.
Networking with local, regional, and international academic research institutions in the sports field.