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Department head message آخر تحديث 5/31/2023 11:23:11 AM

Based on the University concern to keep abreast of scientific development and provide the community with highly competent graduates to work in various fields of health sciences, the opening of the nursing program was taken into consideration for two crucial reasons. One of which is to contribute to the development of health services provided to citizens in Palestine in general and Gaza Strip in particular via establishing partnership and cooperation relations with the various health sectors that employ their graduates, and via preparing elite graduates able to practice and help develop public, private and civil health institutions. The other thing is related Al-Aqsa University's vision of scientific leadership and its contribution to implement the strategic plans that the university seeks. The university also is looking to promote scientific research activities locally and globally through partnership with universities and relevant academic institutions. The faculty emphasized enhancing academic activity through teaching and learning methods, the practice of different scientific research methods as well as taking part in developing community service with regard to the various fields of nursing profession.

Head of Department

 Dr. Montaser Jouda