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Department head message آخر تحديث 5/31/2023 11:21:30 AM

Welcome to you all in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences is one of the distinguished and up-to-date scientific departments of Al-Aqsa University. This department was established as a natural outcome of a university mission whose vision is based on contributing to the development of the health of human, society and the Palestinian homeland with all its segments and strata. From the very first moments of the establishment of the department, we resolved to adopt a new and different vision to produce a distinguished and professional generation with a new personality and appearance in the field of medical analysis capable to contribute to the development of the health system in general and laboratory medicine in particular. In order to achieve this vision, we have worked and are still working on equipping our laboratories with the latest and most advanced equipment and technologies. We have also been careful to attract an experienced and well-recognized academic staff with higher degrees in various disciplines, in addition to a technical staff with a high degree of experience and competence. We have also prepared study plans and programs and we were keen to select them qualitatively, not only in order to provide the student with scientific knowledge, but also to gain the skill, knowledge and the culture required to serve his country and its cause. All this is in order to raise the degree and quality of the educational and cognitive achievement of our students in line with the quality of the education systems of the most prestigious universities.

  We will go further to achieve our vision and develop our department within the requirements of the overall quality. That's in order to prepare highly qualified and trained national staff able to participate in their role in building a healthy and sound society for the advancement of society begins with the safety and health of its members.

Best wishes,

Head of Medical Laboratory Sciences Department

Dr. Mahmoud Ismail Al Habibi