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Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 5/30/2023 11:14:18 AM


Qualifying professional graduates with outstanding scientific competence and advanced practical experience able to absorb and apply all modern technologies in the field of laboratory medical diagnosis.


Creating a new and qualitative addition in applied medical sciences through all the teaching plans based on the latest scientific means and methods, adopting deliberate methodological plans, distinctive qualitative research, medical laboratories equipped with advanced equipment and modern devices, creative student activities besides the experienced academic staff. This is for the sake of qualifying highly skilled specialists in the field of medical analysis capable to meet the needs of the labor market and upgrade the Palestinian and Arab health work system.


1-Prepare graduates with high scientific and technical competence in the area of medical analysis capable of providing high quality diagnostic medical services.

2- Prepare a graduate able to develop, select and assess the techniques and methods used in medical analysis in accordance with international standards.

3- Qualify graduates in the areas of advanced laboratory diagnostics, such as tests based on molecular biology and genetic tests, early detection of cancers and viral diseases, in addition to advanced immunological and serological tests.

4-Prepare a graduate with adequate knowledge about the importance of the application and activation of quality control systems in medical laboratories.

5.Qualify and prepare graduates to be leaders in the field of health work and acquire managerial and supervisory skills in this area.

6.Contribute to the development of scientific and health research in Palestine and open new prospects and concepts in scientific research and equip modern laboratories that adopt modern technology in medical analysis and early laboratory diagnosis.

7-Prepare a graduate committed to the ethics of the professional and health work and who can maintain the privacy and confidentiality of data and information concerning the patient and the health institution to which he belongs