Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs

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Vision, Mission, Objectives آخر تحديث 5/23/2019 11:42:36 AM


It seeks distinction locally and regionally to rise with administrative and financial service, for all university staff members in accordance with total quality standards.


 The Administrative and financial affairs aims at founding administrative and financial work environment suitable and active in offering financial and administrative services to serve the university's employees, adopt the principles of teamwork spirit, and to employ information and communication technology in all of its fields of work. It also develops a strategic plan to organize the university financial and administrative tasks and to clarify duties to simplify procedures and to design work models for public administration and all administrations annexed to. It also attempts to develop human abilities with the best administrative methods followed in comprehensive quality standards. It restricts itself in achieving its vision to Arab and Islamic culture, principles of human rights including responsibility, law rule commitment, transparency, respect, forgiveness, justice, equality, and participation of stakeholders.


The financial and administrative affairs of Al-Aqsa university seeks to found well-based administrative and financial work at the university to achieve the following:


- Upgrading administrative and financial services submitted to university members and continuing their improvement.

- Preparing the general estimated budget for the university, accrediting it and supervising its implementation.

- Improving the quality of control and supervision of the financial affairs to suit the financial system followed in the university according to conventional international accounting principles.

- Recruiting skilled workers and developing the administrative staff availing a distinctive and active work environment.

- Supervising the adherence to the administrative and financial regulations in all administrations in accordance with the comprehensive quality standards.

- Continuously maintaining the university property, both fixed and movable, to enable the university to work effectively.

- Participating in the specialized committees which the general administration is a member of.

- Coordinating with the specialized parties in the university to give necessary consultation for developing administrative staff members in all university units.

- Maintaining the university’s security, students’ and employees’ privacy as well as the logistic services of the special precautions of university members.

- Supervising the establishment and development of university buildings, classrooms and science labs, and equipping them with the latest technology.

- Collecting accurate, neutral and hypothetical administrative and financial information necessary for the decision-making process.

- Preparing the general estimated budget for the university and accrediting it with following up its execution.

- Bringing distinctive administrative experiences and developing the administrative staff available in addition to availing distinctive and active work environment.

- Following up the application of all systems, administrative and financial instructions in all administrations in accordance with total quality standards.