Administrative and Financial Affairs

Administrative and Financial Affairs

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Administrative and Financial Affairs آخر تحديث 8/17/2017 8:30:55 AM


Administrative Affairs Department Seeks to be distinguish ,locally and regionally in  providing various administrative services for workers and students according to the comprehensive quality standards.

Department of Administrative Affairs is a department of the administrative work at the university belonging to the Administrative and Financial Affairs aims to supervise the facilities and services for the university in a professional manner ,follow up the implementation of all laws and regulations ,implement  administrative decisions of the university and its facilities, and coordinate with the related  technical departments. And is committed to the Department of Administrative Affairs through the realization of the vision of Arab culture, Islamic, and human rights principles that include responsibility, and commitment to the rule of law, transparency, respect, tolerance, justice, equality, empowerment and participation of corporate.

1. Maintain the buildings and assets of the University to be safe, clean and comfortable educational environment
2. Develop the capacity of administrative staff at the university, through a comprehensive training plan, according to a study of training needs ..
3. Keep up with the technological development in the field of administrative work, through computerization of the administrative procedures used.
4. Application of policies and administrative regulations.