Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Dean's Message آخر تحديث 5/18/2023 11:06:27 AM

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports is one of the faculties of Al-Aqsa University, which has established its mission of science and culture, and to serve a society in a country that deserves loyalty, with the onset of a new university year. All hopes for themselves and their country, and the College of Physical Education and Sports is one of the colleges that seeks to prepare a generation capable of carrying the flag, which the college seeks to provide all means to improve the educational process and provide all its requirements. I also invite you, my students, to work hard and fully commit to attending and taking advantage of all the means available to you. God, may God grant you success, and my sincere best wishes to you for success and excellence,,,

Dean of the faculty

, Dr. Ahmed Youssef Hamdan