Faculty of Media

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Media and Communication Sciences Program at the Faculty of Media at Alaqsa University aims to equip graduates with fundamental abilities and in-depth knowledge in the field of media and contemporary communication sciences so they can analyze and foresee local, regional, and global media issues as well as develop the capacity for scientific research in this area of study. It helps to develop a media generation that is mindful and able to take in information based on solid scientific principles in order to progress technology and raise the standard for professional performance. It also aims to train scientific experts who are qualified and skilled in the practical application of audio, visual, written, and audio-visual media.

The necessity to train media professionals has become critical in light of the increasing changes and challenges that the media are experiencing today in the production and management of content and its accompanying technology; this will increase the level of competition on the labor market.


Admission Requirements

1-The student must hold a bachelor's degree in journalism and media, or one of its disciplines, from Al-Aqsa University or another recognized university, and his grade must be at least good.

2-The student must hold a bachelor's degree in media and communication from Al-Aqsa University or another recognized university with a minimum grade of "good," provided that he takes remedial courses that do not exceed (12) hours.

3-Paying a non-refundable admission  application fees of forty (40) Jordanian dinars at the financial department of the university.

4-The student must successfully pass the written admission and skills exams (which are conducted by the graduate studies committee in the department to the applicants), which are fully supervised by the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

5-The student must  pass the personal interview, which is carried out by the Graduate Studies Committee in the department for the applicants under the strict supervision of the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

6-The student is committed to abiding by the rules and regulations of the university.

Graduate Attributes

1- Possessing unique cognitive abilities in the field of cultural media that make him qualified to serve as the head of a national and educational media organization.

2- Ability to stay up with scientific and global advances in his profession, as well as knowledge with the skill aspects of the specialty.

3-Being skilled in creating, organizing, planning, supervising, managing, and evaluating all forms of media and educational institutions

4- Ability to exercise his roles in leading governmental and private media institutions.

5- Capability to practice his teaching roles in institutes, colleges and universities.

6- Having  the ability to interact and communicate with the institution's staff as well as with institutions of the local and global community.

7- Self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and the capacity to make judgments and solve issues scientifically.

8- Ability to work in a team.

9- Commitment to his society's principles as well as the ethics and morals of his profession.

Job opportunities for program graduates:

1-Work in television and radio channels.

2-Diplomat and press attaché in embassies and national institutions with of the state.

Analyst and consultant in media and advertising affairs. 3-

Work in online news agencies, digital and social media agencies. 4-

Media consultant in local, regional and international institutions. 5-

Media director for schools, educational centers and institutions. 6-

7- Specialist in the field of planning and development for institutions and centers concerned in this field.

8-Director of development projects in civil and international institutions and organizations.

9-A faculty member or administrator in institutes, colleges and universities.

10-Work in the media field in the various ministries. The graduate can also work in civil society institutions, especially media institutions such as radio, television, and the press.

11-Work in publishers and institutions for the production and distribution of traditional and digital films and magazines.