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head of Department message آخر تحديث 5/21/2023 12:46:19 PM

The vision of the Department of Journalism at Al-Aqsa is based on a firm conviction in the significance of creating one of the most important sources for graduating students who can perform journalism professionally and objectively in accordance with the appropriate scientific foundations. The department offers a learning and training environment, as well as academic and administrative staff, that can develop students' talents and prepare them for the demands of the local, Arab, and international journalistic work markets in accordance with the spirit of the times and subsequent technological developments by enabling graduates to write journalistic and electronic writing in a professional and systematic manner, based on reliable sources, in accordance with the requirements of the local, Arab, and international journalistic work markets to join the workforce in order to be given the chance to work in a well-regarded position.

The department offers students both academic and practical knowledge in the area of written and electronic journalism. The department also trains them in the arts and skills of journalistic writing, as well as how to collect, organize, edit, and generate information in line with journalistic arts, without violating any rules or regulations that govern the journalism profession.

Mrs. Rowaida Abu Mandil

Head of Department of Journalism