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About آخر تحديث 5/18/2023 12:52:45 PM

 Radio and Television Program at Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Media aims to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the demands of the local and regional community in a variety of radio and television-related sectors including news reporting, news editing, presentation, production, editing, preparation, writing for radio and television, and media skills in radio and television and to qualify them at a high level of knowledge to be able to compete in the radio and television job market.

The department carries out the following in order to achieve these objectives:

1-Teaching theoretical subjects in various media sciences -  radio and television major.

2-Teaching practical subjects based on practical exercises.

3-Preparing the student in the field through training in the college laboratory and governmental and private institutions.

4-Qualifying the student academically to meet the requirements for a bachelor's degree.

The overall objective of the program:

Enhancing students' knowledge, skills, and capacities to prepare them for employment in the fields of audiovisual broadcasting after graduation , providing the various local and international radio and television media institutions with skilled personnel qualified to work in the field of audiovisual broadcast media, Keeping up with the rapid progress in this field.

The objectives of the program can be summarized as follows:

1-Provide students with scientific knowledge in radio and television.

2-Enhance the department's students' professional performance through hands-on activities that simulate the realities of practicing the media profession in the fields of radio and television as it is actually practiced.

3-Prepare and train national radio and television personnel who can help advance Palestinian media at all levels.

4-Offer opportunities for students to interact with.  

5-Support and promote national and Arab-Islamic culture and identity.

6-Pay close attention to the media scientific research process, which tracks, analyzes, and develops numerous media activities.

7-Develop students' communication abilities through training both inside and outside the university, including speech, listening, editing, directing, and basic radio and television production.

8-Provide students with different skills in preparing and producing various media materials in the fields of radio and television.

9-Support the program's coordination and collaboration with academic media organizations, as well as the development of experience in dealing with the content generated and presented by different radio and television stations.

10-Give students the chance to engage with different local institutions.

11-Develop the skills necessary for performing radio and television work professionally, from writing to production.

Admission Requirements:

 An average in secondary high school of at least (65%)1- 

Passing the personal interview  required for admission to Faculty of Media. 2-

3- Student's competency in Standard Arabic.

Having good appearance and proper behavior 4-

possessing social skills including communication and interaction 5-

6-The student is enthusiastic and determined to study the specialization and pursue a career in it.

Graduate Attributes:

1- High level of scientific knowledge in radio and television.

2-Practical training on the media profession as it is actually practiced in the fields of radio and television.

3- The capability of interacting with numerous locally relevant institutions.

4-Familiarity with national and Arab-Islamic cultures and identities.

5-Paying close attention to the media scientific research process, which tracks, analyzes, and develops numerous media activities.

6-Possessing communication skills, such as speech, listening, editing, directing, and general radio and television production.

7- Acquiring a variety of skills in the planning and production of media content in the fields of radio and television.

 8-Working effectively in a group.

9-The ability to plan, criticize and evaluate radio programs.

Radio and television graduates can actively contribute to:

1-Developing the economic sector.

2-Activating the political movement. 

3-Supporting and strengthening civil society.

4- Aiding governmental organizations in their search for a radio and television expert.

Because the Palestinian public opinion is becoming more reliant on the media and information in all of its audio and visual forms, public and private institutions of all kinds are paying more attention to the significance and necessity of radio and television in society in order to meet its communication needs, which has increased demand for radio and television specialty.

Job opportunities for graduates of Faculty of Media - Radio and Television Major :

Graduates of this specialization can work in all fields in radio and television, whether by assuming responsibility or participation and assistance, such as: preparation, writing, presentation, planning, representation, control, coordination, management and other technical activities, such as: photography, montage, directing, engineering radio.

This can be found in the following places:

Palestinian local radios, televisions, satellite channels, radio production companies, radio training and development centers, offices and branches of Arab and foreign media organizations in Gaza Strip. In addition to having the option of working in several radio institutes outside Gaza Strip.