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The Department of Public Relations at Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Media seeks to prepare and qualify graduates with national competencies in a variety of public relations fields, communication abilities, and dealing with the public audiences of institutions, whether governmental or private who are able to use information and communication technology in the teaching, learning, and electronic publishing processes, and they can contribute to the conduct of scientific research in the field of public relations by encouraging intellectual creativity and effective communication, exchanging knowledge about the field of public relations in all of its subfields, and offering consultations and training courses to benefit the community.

Admission Requirements

  •  An average in secondary high school of at least (65%) 
  • Passing the personal interview  required for admission to Faculty of Media.
  • Student's competency in Standard Arabic.
  • Having good appearance and proper behavior.   
  • Possessing social skills including communication and interaction 
  •  The student is enthusiastic and determined to study the specialization and pursue a career in it.

Graduate Attributes

1-Good understanding with a high level of scientific knowledge in public relations.

2-Practical training on the media profession as it is actually practiced in the fields of public relations. .

3- The capability of interacting with numerous locally relevant institutions.

4-Familiarity with national and Arab-Islamic cultures and identities.

5-Paying close attention to the media scientific research process in general,  and in the field of public relations in particular, which tracks, analyzes, and develops numerous media activities.

6-Possessing communication skills, such as print design, institution evaluation, conference planning and preparation, communication and negotiation, and the capacity to convince and interact with the institution's internal and external audiences.

7- Acquiring a variety of skills in the planning and production of media content and holding press conferences in the field of public relations.

 8-Working effectively in a group in times of crisis and develop managerial abilities in difficult situations.

9-The ability to plan, criticize and evaluate different institutions.


Job Opportunities

Any institution that wants to be successful and promote its reputation must have a dedicated department to handle all of the institution's public relations needs. The institution may require at least five workers to manage public relations affairs in medium-sized institutions and twice that number in many major institutions due to the wide range of public relations management fields.

This demonstrates the demand in the labor market for exceptional public relations professionals, increasing job chances for graduates. The most significant of these chances can be summed up as follows:

* Work within different national institutions, ministries and bodies.

 *A public relations consultant within an institution. 

 * Service, commercial and industrial institutions.

* Organizing events and conferences.

* Managing social media for a specific institution. 

It is evident from the foregoing that there are

-A growing demand for media and public relations major.

-There is a very wide range of employment opportunities available to public relations and media graduates.