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About آخر تحديث 5/21/2023 2:00:00 PM

The journalism program at Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Media aims to achieve the following:  equipping students with the skills needed for the journalistic labor market, qualifying  them with a high level of knowledge so they can compete in the journalistic labor market ,use information and communication technology in the process of teaching, learning, and electronic publishing, contribute to conducting scientific research in the fields of journalism, enhance Intellectual creativity and effective communication to exchange knowledge about journalism in all of its forms, and offer press consultations and training programs for the community.

We look forward to improving the reality of the Palestinian press and journalistic work in this program and studying journalism in all of its forms, which enhances scientific research, creates a knowledge - based society, and serves society in accordance with the overall quality standards.

Admission Requirements

1-An average in secondary high school of at least (65%) 

2-Passing the personal interview  required for admission to Faculty of Media.

3- Student's competency in Standard Arabic.

4-Having good appearance and proper behavior.

5-Possessing social skills including communication and interaction. 

6-The student is enthusiastic and determined to study the specialization and pursue a career in it. 

Graduate Attributes

1-Good understanding with a high level of scientific knowledge in journalism.

2-Practical training on the media profession as it is actually practiced in the fields of Journalism.

3- The capability of interacting with  relevant institutions and individuals.

4-Familiarity with national and Arab-Islamic cultures and identities.

5-Paying close attention to the media scientific research process in the field of journalism in particular, which tracks, analyzes, and develops numerous media activities.

6-Possessing communication skills, such as the ability to conduct press interviews, prepare and edit news, and write articles, speeches, reports, and specialized news..

7- Acquiring a variety of skills in the planning and production of newspapers and websites and writing and editing them in various fields of life.

8- Media planning, criticism and analysis ability.

Job Opportunities

The labor market offers numerous, varied options to hire recent journalism graduates because of their ability to:

1-Developing the economic sector.

2-Activating the political movement. 

3-Supporting and strengthening civil society.

4- Aiding governmental organizations in their search for journalism experts.

The Palestinian public opinion is becoming more reliant on the media and information in all of its forms, printed, televised, broadcast, electronic, and websites. Graduates from this field can also find employment in media organizations in both public and private sectors, handling all practical and technical tasks like planning, editing, photography, montage, and others.