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The Department of Business Administration of the College of Administration and Finance was established in 2006 in order to provide highly skilled and specialized human cadres in this field and also to support institutions, whether governmental or non-governmental, with these cadres.

The department grants a bachelor's degree in business administration after the student completes (136) credit hours in the program distributed between college requirements, specialization and free hours that the student can register in any college of the university.

The specialization in business administration in light of free economies is an advantage for its graduates, as the specialization gives its holder the ability to practice business related to multiple other disciplines, which gives him a greater opportunity to work.

The department is currently focused on playing the leading role required of it in the future through the exchange of global experiences and benefiting from the global capabilities and capabilities that can be used. The business administration specialization includes a large number of courses such as: management, finance and investment, marketing, operations management research, information systems management, management International business, which provides unlimited opportunities for its graduates to qualify them for the labor market.