Faculty of Administration and Finance

Vision, Mission and Objectives آخر تحديث 6/5/2023 9:31:34 AM

Leadership and excellence in preparing and qualifying human cadres that meet the needs of the labor market, capable of competing in the field of administrative and financial sciences.

the message:
Preparing qualified human cadres in the field of administrative and financial sciences to meet the requirements of the labor market, keep pace with development in its various fields, and conduct theoretical and applied scientific research to contribute to achieving sustainable development for society.

1. Providing the local labor market with what it needs from specialized competencies in various fields.
2. Providing a distinguished learning environment to provide students with the latest knowledge and develop their skills in a way that is compatible with local, regional and global changes.
3. Enhancing the quality of teaching and learning, through modernizing academic programs, and raising the efficiency of academic staff members.
4. Strengthening ties with local, regional and international universities and scientific bodies.
5. Establishing strong relationships and links with the local community through the development and development of community service activities to achieve integration and integration between the educational environment and the local environment.
6. Supporting and encouraging members of the academic staff of the college to research, author and publish in prestigious scientific journals.
7. Strengthening field research that deals with the economic and administrative problems of the community and finding solutions and recommendations for them.
8. Establishing an incubator for entrepreneurship, to enable students to start their own projects to serve their community.