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Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

The Deanship of Planning, Development, and Quality Assurance was created with the goals of playing a role in the academic development process, improving the skills and abilities of academic staff members, finding precise measurement tools to reveal strengths and assist in enhancing and developing them, as well as weaknesses and shortcomings and working to address and improve them, and using electronic and contemporary technologic More..

Vision, Mission , Objectives آخر تحديث 3/27/2023 11:03:22 AM


 Leadership and proficiency in formulating plans and carrying them out effectively  which will elevate and enhance the university's development and quality.


An effective system for  the ongoing improvement of the quality of academic and administrative work, the development of human resources, and working on marketing and financing development projects to improve the performance of the university and ensure its competitiveness and perfection.


The Deanship of planning, Development and Quality Assurance

           Prepare and monitor the implementation of the University's future strategic plan1-

2- Work on preparing and implementing annual operational plans for all elements of the University.

3-Contribute to the development of  the existing and new academic programs, and  regularly monitor & evaluate them.

Develop the University's human resources. -4

5-Develop general strategies to implement total quality in the University to spread awareness of the culture of quality, accreditation and licensing and its concepts among University employees.  

 6- Automate administrative and academic processes to help attain quality objectives.

7- Design and prepare tools necessary for evaluating the educational process by measuring performance indicators for the inputs and outputs of the educational process (faculty - staff - students - graduates ... etc.)

8- Measure the quality of performance of the University components, and identify the expectations, requirements and level of satisfaction of university beneficiaries.

9- Supervise the preparation and implementation of award programs for creativity and excellence in academic, research and administrative performance.

10-  Prepare annual reports on the quality status of the University.