Faculty of Administration and Finance

Dean's Message آخر تحديث 6/5/2023 9:32:09 AM

I welcome you to the College of Administration and Finance at Al-Aqsa University, which is the second largest college in the university, despite its recent era. Our college was established in 2005 and the college is growing day by day. What has been achieved over the limited years of the college’s life clearly reflects that science, determination and sincerity in work are basic motives for achieving progress and success, and what is reflected in the lives of our dear students in a life governed by reason, work, management and design wrapped in the teachings of our true Islamic religion and its characteristics are formed according to the motives of seriousness, patience and perseverance, all the way to Their desired goals and with them their precious university memories to work together to build our homeland Palestine, the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at Al-Aqsa University was launched with a team of faculty members in its four departments: management information systems, accounting, financial and banking sciences and business administration, who were distinguished by their ability to give Quality on the teaching process, and the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences has worked to link the teaching curricula and the labor market, in a way that prepares the student academically and technically to push him into practical and college life, as it is proud that many of its graduates have succeeded in presenting the wonderful image of the concerted efforts of the faculty when they did well in Their work sites, which have witnessed and are still at the prestigious level that the college has reached in the care of its children, and we hope You will continue to reflect this wonderful image in the future.

Dr.. Mahmoud Samir Al-Masry

Dean of the College of Management and Finance