Faculty of Media

Dean's Message آخر تحديث 5/17/2023 9:28:57 AM

Al-Aqsa University's Faculty of Media was established in response to the Palestinian society's  demand for skilled media professionals who could keep up with the rapid advancement of media work techniques. The faculty aims to train qualified professionals to work in contemporary media, including journalism, radio, television, and public relations by providing them with the necessary scientific knowledge, real-world experience, and technological abilities.

 The Faculty of Media was founded with a clear mission and objective: to help students in its departments develop intellectually and cognitively by equipping them with knowledge and scientific bases, as well as the practical, professional, and technological skills necessary to engage in media work and keep up with the labor market and the requirements of competing locally, regionally, and globally based on the university's mission to offer prestigious higher education to provide society with scientific and professional competencies ,and to promote scientific research to address the society's evolving requirements while maintaining their degree of dedication to social, professional, and ethical responsibilities towards their country and its issues.

A group of academics serve as faculty members in the Faculty of Media, and academic plans are developed to satisfy the rapid demands of the growth of communication technology and to integrate the cognitive and applied aspects. The faculty has been able to reach a number of cooperation and partnership agreements with different national, regional, and international media institutions over the past few years. As a result, students are now able to join  a wide range of training courses, workshops, and seminars offered by top media professionals from various media work institutions.

The faculty has worked hard and is still working to graduate many media cadres who have achieved successes and distinguished experiences in all media. We will work to develop the faculty by promoting scientific research and vocational training for students by signing more agreements to provide training, coexistence, and employment opportunities for students and graduates.

Dr. Ghassan I. Harb

Dean of Faculty of Media