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International Relations Affairs

International Relations Affairs

About us: The International Relations Affairs is the gate of Al-Aqsa University to the international regional institutions. It works on developing the university's profile at the international level by establishing bridges of academic and cultural cooperation between the university and various academic institutions, as well as Arab and international organizations. More..

Vision, Mission, Objectives آخر تحديث 7/7/2020 9:30:39 AM


According to the internationalization strategy of AQU, the international relations affairs aim at weaving an effective network of international relations in the academic, research and, administrative fields which contributes to the service of the university and community.


We believe that strong international co-operation is an important factor in achieving AQU goals of internationalization. In this respect, we intensify our efforts to promote the university and its strategy abroad as well as strengthening its position at the regional and international levels by creating channels of cooperation with international organizations and establishing strategic partnerships with international universities and research institutions. 


  • Open channels of cooperation between AQU and regional and international universities and establishing strategic partnerships with these universities which will help in developing the capacities of the academic and administrative staff of AQU.
  • Upgrading the position of AQU at the regional and international levels through seeking memberships in international unions and by developing its relations with the regional and international universities.
  • Increasing the opportunities of the participation in the regional and international projects that serve higher education and the fields of research and innovation.
  • Strengthen the role of the university through participating in regional and international conferences and workshops to promote the university in the international community. 
  • Providing the academic staff and the university students with scholarships opportunities.
  • Creating opportunities of student and staff exchange and other types international cooperation (seminars, congresses, conferences, summer schools, etc.) which help in developing their abilities in research and innovation as well as increasing their intercultural awareness.  
  • Informing the researchers and the academic and administrative staff about opportunities of developing their capacities and skills and the possibilities of supporting the projects of scientific research.
  • Following up the master and PhD grantees and the scholars of AQU abroad and encouraging them to be our ambassadors to establish partnerships with the universities they study in. in addition to transferring their experience to AQU after their return.
  • Coordinating with the deanship of students' affairs to find channels of fundraising in order to help the disadvantaged student with tuition fees. 
  • Preparing and Managing the different projects of the university and seeking for fundraising them from the international organizations and foreign agencies and foundations.