Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Upon the University's vision to be distinguished among Palestinian and regional universities and according to its mission in preparing a skilled, valuable, knowledgeable person,  who has the ability of independent learning and employing learning technology. The Academic Affairs at Al-Aqsa University provides educational services for both university students and the academic staff. It works hard to improve efficiency and More..

Vision, Mission and Goals آخر تحديث 6/18/2020 5:26:56 PM


The Academic Affairs seeks to be pioneer at all fields of academic studies at all times to meet the needs of the Palestinian community by providing competent and creative individuals, and achieving  the distinction at the academic  services, developing strongly resumed academic staff in the fields of teaching, scientific research and innovation.


The Academic Affairs provides all facilities, capabilities and methods of providing academic services to apply the academic policies to develop the academic process elements at the university including the development of the educational process, academic staff, capacity building, scientific research and community service. Additionally, the academic affairs works on bettering the students life and provides the requirements of students' development by adopting ideas and projects which lead to  develop their academic performance of students and staff.


- Developing the current academic programs of bachelor degree according to the quality standards to meet the needs of the Palestinian community.

- Developing the academic performance of the academic staff in the field of teaching, scientific research, and innovation.

- Developing new programs of high academic quality to meet the needs of the international and local labor market and to develop the competitiveness of the AQU graduates.

- Developing specialized academic programs to serve the Palestinian community through the deanship of development and continuous education.

- Developing the academic policies and systems based on the conventions of modern systems to better the academic process.