Cultural Affairs & Public Relations

Cultural Affairs & Public Relations

Cultural Affairs and Public Relations is considered one of the most important departments in the university. It encourages confidence between the university and its public and represents a link between the university and its internal and external society through opening communication channels with journalism, news agencies, local media, T.V, bulletins and workshops. It also attempts to place the suitable in their proper places More..

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We admire to be distinct regionally and locally in directed media, humanitarian relations, cultural and scientific activities within total quality standards.


Cultural Affairs and Public relations at Al-Aqsa University seeks to present , humanitarian relations, and distinctive cultural and scientific activities. We also seek to build cooperation bridges by employing information and communication technology  and show up productive media potentials in cultural community activating  for learning and innovation.

The deanship is committed to achieving its vision with Arab and Islamic culture that domain responsibility, law rule, transparency, respect, forgiveness, justice, equality.


Cultural Affairs and Public relations at Al-Aqsa University aims to:

1- Creating an intellectual positive picture of the university components and role to internalize a conceptual distinctive picture about the university and its administration.

2- Informing the internal public of the university represented by its  academic and administrative staff and students about the university activities.

3- Acquainting the external community by the university mission and objectives which contributes to create an intellectual positive picture of the university and building up good relations with internal and external community.

4- Coordinating with all different written or visual or other means of communications and inviting them to cover the proceedings of conferences and symposiums which held at the university.

 5-Receiving university guests, accompanying them during their visits to the university and outside, providing the necessary services for them and arranging contact with the concerned parties.

6- Supervising the content of the visual communication on the university's website, including this:

* Feeding the site of the university with information and content management, supervision and updating in Arabic and English.

* Managing the university accounts on  the social media sites.

* Designing the university publications and advertisements according to the university needs and providing the internal and external public (institutions and individuals) with university publications and communicating with them.

* Supervising at the preparation and processing  of conference halls, seminars and lectures, and coordination with the concerned parties.

* Arranging university celebrations, social events and workshops for university employees.

* Reporting, recording and documenting exclusively all the activities and ceremonies that are held in the university or outside.

* Editing media materials for the university activities and providing the various media with a copy of them and documenting what is published in the newspapers of topics and news about the university.

* Receiving public university and get to know their demands and respond to their queries and provide the necessary facilities.