Cultural Affairs & Public Relations

Cultural Affairs & Public Relations

Cultural Affairs and Public Relations is considered one of the most important departments in the university. It encourages confidence between the university and its public and represents a link between the university and its internal and external society through opening communication channels with journalism, news agencies, local media, T.V, bulletins and workshops. It also attempts to place the suitable in their proper places More..

Word of the Director of Cultural Affairs & Public Relations آخر تحديث 4/11/2019 9:32:29 AM

Thanks Allah, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet, his families, Colleagues  and followers and then :

The Cultural  Affairs and Public relations is regarded one of the most important university components for its relatedness to all internal and external administration local community in one hand and the peripheral  community in the other hand. It is the most vital and active administration with activities, ceremonies, projects and different  programs that serve the university and its internal and external public. It also carries out important roles  in preparing and equipping for their activities and occasions through researching , planning ,executing, communicating, following up and coordinating with all related parties . It participates actively as well in implementing the university policy and performing its message and seeking its fulfillment.

It holds on its shoulder the responsibility of making and developing the university status and reputation through doing and arranging whatever meets this attitude whether by media effort or by organizing other various activities.

It also plays its role in supervising various activities in the university and coordinating the works to embody and reinforce good reputation for students, staff, civil societies, and  organizations of the local or international community particularly the scientific.

I call Allah, the highest, for the success of staff members of the cultural affairs and public relations, and crown their duties with excellence and innovation.



Vice President for Cultural Affairs and Public Relation

Prof. Abd El –Samei  Khamees Al-Arabeed